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14 Sept. 2007 - I'm currently working on a couple of small and personal projects but also looking for a more challenging environment that can make more complete use of my skills, talents, leadership, and management experience. My career objective is to work with and lead a team of individuals to develop opportunities in teaching and learning through technology.

Although not a developer in practice, I'm conversant and capable with XML/XHTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, mySQL, PERL, AJAX, UNIX shell scripting langages, and comfortable with web services and framework/development environments such as Rails. On the creative applications end of the spectrum, I have grown with the Macromedia/Adobe family of development suites, audio engineering including ProTools and Cakewalk, and video editing with Premiere and Final Cut.

Currently, the more active project, is an educational tool and site built around the social/web2.0 concept that allows communities of interest to find one another and contribute knowledge and educational content in a quick, easy, and lightweight web-based platform. The central concept is built around the AddictiveLearning player which is an interactive flash-built application that maximizes learning and retention of visual and conceptual information in a minimal amount of time. I've drawn from much of the experience that I've had working in instructional design and Learning Management Systems to help develop this site and created the first fully developed course in learning to understand and speak Mandarin Chinese using this tool.

Previosuly, I worked at Stanford University for over 10 years growing with the Academic Technology Specialist program, which is a division of the Libraries/Academic Computing under Mike Keller and Lois Brooks. The Academic Technology Specialists are discipline specific technologist working directly with Stanford faculty to develop tools and pedagogy that takes advantage of technology in order to facilitate improvements in the teaching and learning process. Over the years, I started as a specialist working with Biological Sciences and Human Biology, to Languages, Natural Sciences and Mathmatics, and eventually managing the program with a team of 11 specialists and coordinaing projects and work across with other University Library teams and departments. In that time I built a computer lab for teaching bioinformatics, molecular modeling, GIS, and other bioscience tools; developed databases and information systems for teaching and academic advising; built on-line eReserve systems; interactive web-based oral language testing; and worked closely with development teams to assemble and integrate Course/Learning Management systems such as the Sakai project. Other interesting projects include my work as a technical manager for the GATT Digital Library project which was a massive digital content archival project that took place over 4 summers at the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

Before I was in Education Technology, I was a research scientist - a biochemist working in biopharmaceuticals at Inhale Therapeutics (now Nektar) on development for their inhalable drug formulations. I also worked previously with Syntex Pharmaceuticals (now Roche) on cholesterol/lipoprotein drug development. My speciality was generally working with large analytical machines, particularly High Perfomance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).