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17 December 2008 - Coming up for air. Finally got some pictures together which can be seen on Flickr here. To our friends in the area, we certainly welcome a call or a visit.

12 December 2008 - Kathy and I are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter, Leilani Marina Chen at 5:20 this morning. Mother and daughter are doing great.

November 2008 - The tour wrapped up successfully on a 7 week run and looks like there will be more in store for next year. I'm thirlled to have had the opportunity to tour and play with a great bunch of guys and we'll see what the future holds. Some downloads of the live gigs can be downloaded at the following. Now on to preparing for daddy duty...

September 2008 - Invited to tour with the band Ten Mile Tide playing fiddles and saxophones (and a little backing guitar). They're a great outfit based out of San Francisco that have been touring and recording for 7 years or so. This is their 4th studio release that they're supporting and I'm thrilled to be invited to fill in and join in on their west coast tour.

15 Feb 2008 - I'm moving my blogs to WordPress and putting an iteration under this site. Will need to change the feeds, burns, and links but this will all be better managed in the longer run. I like blogger, but having this all under petechen.com is so much better.

Also started up the projects page.

16 Jan 2008: I love widgets - and it's great having them on the web space (twiter, flickr, pandora, digg...) but man alive if they don't creep into the load time. They're a great concept and fun way to really customize the web expereince. If you're a facebok user, you'll notice that widgets are basically how they make "applications" work. To date, I'm not real thrilled with the quality of apps in FB. Only a few of them I find useful enough to look at on a semi-daily basis. Most of them I ignore. Read the blog post...

14 Jan 2008: Giving up the blog feed approach - So after a fruitless attempt to manage the content in this page by cobbling together a blog/feed into the content areas of the page, it seems that I'd rather build with a personal content management system rather than continue down that path.. Problem is, I like my CSS templates thus far, and I don't want to make this site look like a Drupal, phpNuke, or TYPO3 site. After all, blogs - whether you use Blogger, MovableType, WordPress, etc... - they're all one type of CMS - one that makes many pontificating web personalities happy. I would also argue that Flickr and other photosharing sites are also CMSs but that gets away from the traditional intent of what CMS are really designed to serve which is content (plural).

That's just techiespeak for "I'm not ready to conform. I haven't yet decided what and where all my content needs to go, wah wah wah...." There probably is a nice CMS out there (Lord knows how many of them I have played with.) that I can make play happy with CSS templates and remain flexible and welcoming to the widgets and toys and "webling" (ebling? ling? That one needs some work) that I'd eventually stick up here. Point is, until that day, I'll continue to use my personal site as an experimental space that expresses my work, thoughts, and activities in a more raw format. "Share and Enjoy"

12 Jan 2008: Blogs Blogs Blogs - so many blogs, what to do with them? I've been struggling with an effective blog strategy for some time which has led to a lack of general motivational intertia. I see no point more...